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The Research Group consists of a broad group of people with a diverse and varied background and with journalism as the common interest. Many of us have been politically involved in social movements and has often worked unpaid for smaller newspapers or websites. With the ambition to develop ourselves we now come together. Our goal is simple. We will become Sweden’s brightest journalists.

The Research Group’s platform consists of

  • Working and educate in investigative journalism with a focus on social issues, democracy and equality.
  • Cherish the democratic community and the journalistic tradition of examining power.
  • Cherish the press ethics rules.

Our main focus is in the investigative journalism, but we belive that a good journalistic craft not only consist of research. Therefore, you are as welcome in the group if you are a talented photographer or if you like to interview people. We hope we can learn and evolve from one another.


We will report on our own ideas or in cooperation with others. We are equally well published in daily newspapers and the established media as we are on non-profit news sites and blogs. No topic scares – whether it’s about inspect criminal gangs or politicians. We place high demands on those we work with, and hope that they place the same high standards in return. We are passionate about the journalistic mission, and allow no one to try to influence us into something else.


The group has a robust archive of thousands of photos. Some we have taken ourselves, others we have received or bought the rights to. Our ambition is to make them available to as many people as possible. We are happy to support smaller newspapers with limited budgets, as well as private individuals and bloggers whose platform is consistent with ours. These may make use of our images at a much cheaper price than the ordinary as the daily newspapers and established media are offered. It is a way for us to encourage the blogosphere to be the force for monitoring society as it can be.


The Research Group regularly organizes lectures in subjects such as basic research, writing, photography, professional ethics and so on. These are usually on pre-notification and with voluntary fee.


The association’s revenue will be used to:

  • Educational activities for members of the group.
  • Necessary equipment for the group.
  • Current costs, consumables, etc.

Contact information

When you write to us, you can choose to be anonymous. But would you like us to contact you, please provide your contact information. We always protect our sources.

Phone: +468-55922161
Fax: +468-51989357
E-mail: (leave out _no-spam_)